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Tentoonstelling door mediakunst KASK tijdens VLHORA-congres (03.03.17)

Op maandag 13 maart vindt de tentoonstelling ‘Leren, innoveren en internationaliseren’ plaats tijdens het VLHORA-congres in het Vlaams Parlement.
De expositie in de Zuilenzaal toont vijf werken van studenten, oud-studenten en een docent/onderzoeker van het traject mediakunst binnen de opleiding beeldende kunsten van KASK / School of Arts Gent.

Henry Andersen, Emi Kodama, Lieselot Everaert, Inge van den Kroonenberg en Jerry Galle raken met hun werken, elk op hun eigen manier, aan de paradox tussen ‘zijn’ en ‘worden’. De bezoekers van het congres krijgen onder andere een tekst die continue wordt herschreven door een machine (Jerry Galle, ‘Pretext’) te zien, een compositie van krakend ijs door een raam dat als luidspreker fungeert (Inge van den Kroonenberg, ‘Verre’), te horen en Baci pralines met citaten die het woord ‘elders’ vermelden (Henry Andersen, ‘Every Possible Elsewhere’), te proeven.

Gepresenteerde werken

Inge van den Kroonenberg ‘Verre’
The sound installation Verre is made with surface transducers placed on glass windows. It transforms the windows into large speakers. The sound that can be heard is a recording of the surface of a frozen lake. The cracking, bursting and splitting sounds of the ice refer to the material and physical qualities of the glass, provoking a dialogue between the inside and outside space of the building.

Lieselot Everaert ‘’ generates scientific research articles that fit within your lifestyle.

Henry Andersen ‘I'm so sorry Marcel, I'm so sorry Felix.’
A Guest + A Host = A Ghost. This small pun figures on the wrapper of a piece of candy handed out by Marcel Duchamp at the front of Bill Copley's exhibition in Paris, 1953. Later, in 1991, Felix Gonzales-Torres presented 12,000 pounds of silver wrapped candy on the floor of Andrea Rosen gallery in New York.
For the intervention, Henry Andersen wanted to take these two moments as a starting point, to present a set of stanzas and annotations departing from Duchamp's original text. These over-intimate notes reach their reader through the timeless seduction of notes in silver chocolate wrappers.

Jerry Galle ‘Pretext’
‘Pretext’ produces one single, site-specific book with machine texts. The ‘Pretext’ software rewrites existing and self-written texts from the perspective of the machine in the form of numbered and dated pages, printed each 50 minutes.

Emi Kodama ‘We let the grass grow under our feet’
Emi Kodama's work departs from the various forms in which stories can manifest themselves. She is interested in the visible, invisible and hidden aspects of daily life, by mapping the relationship between these three aspects.