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Call for participation: How do we do it? A platform for arts and design research practices (05.10.17)

How do we do it? A platform for arts and design research practices is a framework for sharing practices involved in research processes. This initiative aims to shed light on the general topic of arts and design research by focussing on a fundamental and pragmatic aspect that has been often neglected: How do we research through arts and design practices? How do we conceive and develop our work in order to inquire into our research topics? Do we modify our practices in order to do research? What kind of difficulties appear in our day-to-day work when we connect arts and design to research?

How do arts and design practices relate to other kind of research practices for example, academic writing or scientific experimentation? How do we reflect on our own research practices? How do we do it? opens up a space for collective hands-on reflection about these and related questions. It is our aim to meet a wide array of practices and to experience a broad range of formats to communicate them beyond questions that concern particular subjects and fields of expertise. In so doing, we hope to inspire an engaged dialogue between researchers (MA-Students, PhD-candidates, PostDoc-researchers and Senior Researchers) and to contribute to the development of a strong research community at KASK.

The first gathering will begin on February 20, 2018 with a public lecture by Alex Arteaga followed by an open discussion with all the participants in order to frame the work to be done in the following days.

From February 21 to 23 the participants who will present their practices will do so in the format they consider to be most appropriate to facilitate a reflective dialogue on the particularities of the practices at stake. Each presentation, including the dialogue with all the participants, will take place in a timeframe of 90 minutes.

How to apply to present your practices?

In order to present your arts and research practices in this forum, please send your application to until December 10, 2017, specifying the following information:

  • Full name
  • Name of your research project or short description of your research topic
  • Format or formats in which you would like to present your research practices including technical and spatial requirements
  • Your research group: MA-Student, PhD-Candidate, PostDoc-Researchers or Senior Researcher.

How to register to participate?

In order to attend the presentations, please register by sending an email to until the February 1.
For any question please, send an email to