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Boekpresentatie Titus Simoens by RIOT (04.10.17)

Titus Simoens, masterstudent fotografie, stelt een nieuw fotoboek voor bij RIOT op donderdag 12 oktober vanaf 20:00.

Dear all,
I have a wish concerning my sister (who was recently struck with cancer), wanted to surprise her with some old photographs and clippings of her college years. At that time, she was the ‘best looking girl of her class’ so we could use them to create some kind of fashion brochure. I myself have recently gone almost blind so I can’t do this alone. I am therefore looking for a creative person whose heart is in the right place. I will obviously pay for all costs.
Thank you in advance.
Lieve V.

By coincidence this call from a woman named Lieve, who is slowly going blind and therefore unable to do it herself, found its way to photographer Titus Simoens. While listening to Lieve speak of her sister Brigitte, an image of this unknown woman, “the best looking-girl in her class”, started to form. Simoens went through the family albums, looking for images that portray her as a woman of the world. A young lady who, even if from a small Belgian village, had the elegant allure of the jet set. Leaving the book design partly up to chance, Simoens builds an accidental and surprising narrative, full of unexpected details and pregnant with potential metaphor. The result is a story at once original and coincidental, where one cannot help but wonder what mystery or melancholy, joy or tragedy might lie behind a woman’s smile. (Stefan Vanthuyne)

  • RIOT, Dendermondsesteenweg 80, 9000, Ghent
  • In aanwezigheid van Lieve en Brigitte.