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19.06—22.06.18    MAP#81: Anita - A Labour of Love and Compulsion Campus Bijloke - Glazen Gang expo

A Labour of Love and Compulsion

I. The process of channeling buried recollections where jouissance and melancholy are interwoven, the mental site where the uncanny and the abject meet. Desires and fantasies, fixations and obsessions, find expression in a language that employs an idiosyncratic set of idioms; a way of exteriorizing and distancing myself from a spiral of thoughts.

II. The recollections are collected silent noises which are concealed beneath the surface, occasionally being blocked, then pouring out through a semipermeable membrane. The body itself chooses what it will reveal, nevertheless what is being revealed are intentional and unintentional impulses, resulting voluntary and non-voluntary acts. Layers of contents that had become inherent a part of the body, need to be digested and ejected. What becomes inhaled needs to be exhaled.

III. The performative act will be distributed across three days of minimum eight hours of performative labour, referencing the notion of the artist as a laborer.

IV. The purpose is to get rid of the repressed and use the act of labour and repetition as a channeling experience.

VI. Therefore the performer will not engage or try to connect with the audience. The performer is there alone with her own memorabilia and is focused solely on the Self.

  • Dinsdag 19.06.18 van 12:00 tot 20:00
  • Woensdag 20.06.18 van 12:00 tot 20:00
  • donderdag 21.06.18 van 12:00 tot 20:00
  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 GENT, Gratis