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30.01.17—20:00    KASKlezing: Makino Takashi Campus Bijloke - Cirque lezing

Makino Takashi (1978, Japan) is kunstenaar en maakt experimentele films. Hij studeerde cinematografie aan de Nihon University College of Art in Japan. In 2001 ging hij in de leer bij de Quay Brothers in Londen, waar hij filmmuziek en belichting bestudeerde. Voor X-Ray presenteert hij een programma met recent werk, samen met een film van Rei Hayama. Makino Takashi is aanwezig voor een Q&A na de screening. Een samenwerking tussen KASKcinema, KASK Mediakunst en KASKlezingen. Makino Takashi (1978, Japan) is an artist and makes experimental films. He was educated in Cinematography at the Nihon University College of Art in Japan. In 2001, he served an apprenticeship with the Quay Brothers in London, during which he mainly studied film music and lighting. For X-Ray he presents a programme with two of his most recent films, together with a film by Rei Hayama. Makino Talakashi is present for a Q&A after the screening. A collaboration between KASKcinema, KASK Mediakunst and KASKlezingen. "The Picture From Darkness" 2016 37' Music by Simon Fisher Turner "In 2015, Simon asked me about the possibility of a collaboration with image and music. Simon came to Japan in 2016, and Uplink organized our screening opportunity. [The Picture From Darkness] was created as a hommage to Derek Jarman’s [Blue]. I shot the night sky and tried to expand color of deep blue, using images from nature. During the making of the film, I imagined what I could see after I loose my eyesight. A new imagination light appears from the darkness. It seems like the power of life itself, or simply the bloodstream from the universe." (Makino Takashi) "Cinéma Concret" 2015 23' Music by Machinefabriek "After the research of history of Concrete Music which started by Pierre Schaeffer in the 1940's, I found the process of making Concrete Music is completely the same with my style of filmmaking. The process of "concrete music" is not making concrete music from abstract sounds, but making abstract music from concrete sounds (already existing sounds). I can say this film "cinéma concret" is one of the answers from 21 century's filmmaker for Pierre Schaeffer and Concrete Music, and also one of the ironical interpretations for the history of the abstract cinema." (Makino Takashi) "1/8" 2016, 13' Music by Rei Hayama "The title of the film "1/8" is one of the film’s primary themes: the number of photoreceptor cell in the human eye. Humans have 1/8 number of photoreceptor cells, compared to the number of photoreceptor cells of hawk's eyes. The small black dot in the blue sky is a metaphor for different dignities and places that humans can't see. The story of the film is reminiscent to the mythology of the "Fall of Icarus", its main character shifts to nonhuman: the exaggeratedly distorted image of a bird." (Rei Hayama)

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