Venue rental

MIRY Concert Hall

The Miry concert hall is available for concerts and other cultural activities. It is a unique concert hall in a historic setting in the centre of Ghent. The fee is calculated per daily period (an adjoining period of 4 hours).

Miry is a concert hall with 500 seats (pit has 334 seats, balcony has 166 seats).
It is a fully-fledged rehearsal or recording room or stage for important artistic activities.

Located at Hoogpoort Campus.

Mengal Concert Hall

Concert hall with 98 seats.

Located at Hoogpoort Campus

Zwarte Zaal & Cirque

The Zwarte Zaal (Black Box) has a maximum capacity of 600 people and a surface area of approximately 640 m². The Zwarte Zaal is let out as an ‘empty box’. Users have at their disposal the equipment listed on the technical info sheet. Users bear full responsibility for this equipment and are responsible for compensations in the event of damage or theft.
Zaal Cirque has a maximum capacity of 120 seats and 240 people in total. This hall is especially suitable for lectures, presentations and seminars.

Located at Bijloke Campus