KASK films 2009

Author(s): Demian Albers | Jan Baelus | Dries Bastiaensen | Winnie Bauwens | Wouter Bruneel | Meikeminne Clinckspoor | Jonas De Ro | Maxim Dierickx | Tomas Hendriks | Camiel Hermans | Eva Küpper | Willem Pirquin | Céline Pourveur | Jeroen Swyngedouw | Wouter Tacq | Griet Teck | Jochen Theys | Marike Verbiest

This compilation of nearly two hours of short films was produced at the Faculty of Fine Arts (University College Ghent, Belgium) in 2009. The compilation features the Master's projects of students in film and animation. This DVD thus pays homage to those young and talented filmmakers who manage to complete interesting, award-winning films in tough circumstances and with tight budgets. Each of the films included on the disc bears witness to a different visual approach atmosphere and content. They are strong personal statements of young filmmakers at the beginning of a promising career.