KASK films 2008

Author(s): Simon Baele | Joris berghmans | Christopher Daley | Stien De Vrieze | Johan van Gerwen | Sarah Menheere | Robbert Oosterhof | Ophélie Tailler | Ben Verschooris | Robbe Vervaecke | Astrid Yskout

This compilation consists of nearly two hours of student short films produced in 2008 at the audiovisual arts faculty of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Hogeschool Gent). There has been no selection, all the last year filmprojects (masterprojects) of the film and animation departments are featured. hence this DVD pays homage to those young and talented filmmakers, who manage in tough circumstances and with very tight budgets to complete interesting, award winning film projects. Each of the films included on the disc features a different visual approach, atmosphere and content. They are strong personal statements of young filmmakers at the beginning of a promising career.