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With its rich history and archetypical visual language, painting assumes a pivotal position within the fine arts. Majoring in painting means learning old and new techniques as well as developing an engaged and critical approach to tradition and your personal imagination.

During the bachelor's years a great deal of attention is paid to the technological and historical aspects of the medium, but certainly also to the position of painting within the contemporary artistic field. From the start, each student is encouraged to find his own path by developing a personal visual language in dialogue with examples from the distant and recent past. This is done through observation exercises and by studying the works of classical and modern masters in the MSK, Ghent.

Regular shows give the students the opportunity to present their work and to think about how it can be made public. These moments are well prepared and discussed by students and teachers and are a great tool in the development of the artistic personality. We expect the student to complement a critical attitude with an idiosyncratic imagination, since these are the crucial factors for a sustainable individual practice and authentic artistry.

Wanting to know who you are and what painting can be, wanting to see, to expand your perception and to make it more intense; these are the main objectives of our painting major. They require great curiosity, humour, perseverance and intelligence.

The students can count on an exceptional team of motivated teachers, each of whom is active as an artist and who are happy to pass on their expertise. The vicinity of the six studios of the fine arts (Painting, Sculpture, Media Art, Installation Art, Drawing and Performance) guarantees a mutual interest and constant questioning.

For many years the painting major has had a very dynamic exchange programme with students and schools abroad. This means that we regularly admit students from foreign schools and also give our students the opportunity to study in renowned foreign schools for a while.