Media art

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At the heart of the major media art lies the individual artistic process of the student. Surely the wide range of technological experiences in our society plays an important role. The artistic result, however, does not have to be virtual, programmable or digital. In our studios we are mainly on the lookout for possibilities or contradictions between newer and older media. After all, technology has an activating effect. Analogue, mechanical or digital machines lead to new artistic explorations, notably by merging previously separate media in terms of content and technology.

From the first bachelor year on the emphasis is placed on individual conceptualization and elaboration of themes, stimulated by critical questioning, theoretical and practical reflection. Second and third bachelor focus on the problems as well as the enormous freedom that goes along with the use of technology within an artistic process. The student develops his personal by attending individual coaching sessions, show moments and group discussions about how his work relates to contemporary technology, general visual culture and art. Special implications of certain rules, practical limitations and visual possibilities that go hand in hand with the artistic use of technology are explained within an art-historical context.

Besides making artistic digital applications and audiovisual realisations, the student learns to translate his designs and themes into tangible forms. The artistic process and the work that results from it may therefore be presented in virtual or physical form, or a mixture of both. That choice is up to the student.