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Do you have questions about the administrative procedures of the entrance and orientation tests?
You can contact Rob Meuleman (rob.meuleman@hogent.be) for the bachelor programmes and Paul Lamont (paul.lamont@hogent.be) for the master and advanced programmes.

For specific questions regarding the artistic aspect of the entrance and orientation tests, you can contact the learning track counsellors.

• Annelies Carbonelle - annelies.carbonelle@hogent.be: audiovisual arts, interior design, European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound (EPAS)
• Annelies Vlaeminck - annelies.vlaeminck@hogent.be: visual arts, landscape and garden architecture, landscape development, postgraduate curatorial studies, postgraduate digital storytelling
• Pascal Desimpelaere - pascal.desimpelaere@hogent.be: drama
• Karen Vanpetegem - karen.vanpetegem@hogent.be: music, postgraduate musical performance practice, postgraduate soloist classical music, advanced master contemporary music, teacher certification in the arts