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Switch to Code Orange from October 19 (15.10.20)

After the meeting of the HOGENT Security cell yesterday, it was decided to switch to Code Orange from Monday, October 19. This decision was taken in consultation with all higher education institutions in Ghent. Switching is necessary to help contain the spread of the virus.

In concrete terms, this means that from Monday onwards we will give priority to the main artistic practice on our campuses and that we will switch to digital-only classes for theoretical and supporting course units.

We briefly list the most important guidelines for Code Orange:

  • Our buildings and practice rooms will remain open to students and teachers.
  • The educational activities regarding the main artistic practice will continue physically. Your teachers will communicate which activities will  continue on campus and which organizational changes, if any, will take place.
  • All theoretical and supporting course units will continue digitally.  
  • Internships / Arts in Practice activities can continue, following the applicable measures of the government and the agreements with the internship provider.
  • The libraries on our campuses will continue their current operation.
  • The evening and weekend activities will continue. 
  • The student restaurant on the Bijloke campus will remain open with take-away. KASKcafé and MIRY Café are closed according to the measures in the catering industry.
  • Our artistic activities follow the measures and protocols of the cultural sector.
  • The colleagues of the supporting services of KASK & Conservatorium are digitally available. Physical permanence is provided within office hours for the student's office and study and learning track coaches.

The summary overview can be consulted here (in Dutch and in English). You can also check the “Studying in 2020-2021" page on our website.

In the following days your teachers will inform you about the exact organization of each course unit. Check their communication via Chamilo and e-mail.

We would like to thank you for the good follow-up of the measures on our campuses over the past weeks! It remains important that we continue this effort together so that we can keep organizing artistic practice classes in the coming weeks.

We are aware that the current switch to Code Orange requires additional flexibility, but we count on your understanding. The health of all students and staff is our first concern.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at