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Philippe Van Cauteren in conversation with Ante Timmermans (01.10.15)

In parallel with the OHNMIT exhibition in Be-Part (Waregem), and with the support of Be-Part and the S.M.A.K., Roma Publications has published 'Ante Timmermans Drawings (001-806)' which contains all the small-format drawings (806 in all) Ante Timmermans, teacher in the fine arts programme, has done over the last fourteen years. These drawings on A5 sheets are mainly portrait-oriented. They are often in black, but colour also makes a regular appearance. Slogans and word-play also occur frequently.

The book will be presented at RIOT (Ghent) on October 4. The artist will engage in a conversation with S.M.A.K.-director Philippe van Cauteren. 

RIOT In collaboration with Be-Part, Roma Publications and S.M.A.K.
Exhibition: Ante Timmermans, OHNMIT (29.08 — 01.11.15, Be-Part)