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Corona virus: updates (02.04.20)

Update April 2: exams and juries

Read the e-mail we've sent to our students about the consequences of the current crisis for the evaluation and exam periods.

Update March 27

Corona presents our society with great challenges. Our school of arts is no exception. Every day, we think of ways to best respond to these challenges, and we will therefore regularly send you an update on the agreements and measures our school of arts has taken to lead us through the Corona crisis. We always do this in consultation with HOGENT. 

You can find the basic information about Corona at

Here is some information specific to our school of arts.


The studios, practice and classrooms cannot be used in any way, at least until April 19.

The reception desk at Campus Bijloke is closed.

The student's office will be closed from 17 March on. All student's office staff and learning track counsellors will remain accessible digitally and by telephone.

Lending services

Due to the stricter measures we have to close the lending services by appointment, unfortunately.


The school will not close, but will go completely digital. Everyone will continue to work but will work from home, unless it is impossible to do so.

Check your HOGENT mail and Chamilo regularly. Via Microsoft Teams you can chat with all students and teachers.

On March 24, in the Flemish Council of Universities of Applied Sciences (VLHORA), the general directors of all Flemish Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts have decided to continue digital education until the 18th of May. From that day on, educational activities that are difficult to organise digitally, will be allowed to be organised on campus. This only applies to necessary educational activities and strict preventative measures have to be taken into account.

From March 23 on, we follow the regular schedule for the online lessons

The past few days there has been a lot of discussion about what our school will look like in the coming weeks. This shows that postponing the lessons makes little sense. We have every reason to believe that the current crisis measures will remain in place for a long time to come, which is why we choose to continue with digital education and/or an alternative approach for all course units.

We will follow the regular timetables as much as possible in the remaining weeks of this academic year. To not get you in trouble, real time digital lessons will continue at the times they were foreseen in the regular timetable.

Teachers will inform you per course unit about how lessons and evaluations take shape and what is expected of you.

We meet digitally

Put the program Microsoft Teams on your computer and/or your smartphone! This is crucial for the further course of education and evaluations as well as for various communications. Many of you will use the program intensively in the coming period.

For questions and support in the area of Teams and digitization, please contact us at

Anyone who is currently experiencing difficulties in the area of internship training and ars in practice projects that can no longer be continued will be contacted further by the teachers involved so that questions and ambiguities can be clarified.

What about the exam periods?

As much as possible, we would like to continue with the evaluations and juries of practical subjects in June. At the moment we are also researching whether adjusting and reorganizing the exam periods can offer solutions for the current crisis. Possibly the first week of July will also be used for evaluation activities, deliberations and feedback moments. Even before the start of the Easter recess, we will look with teachers and students at what can be improved per programme and we will communicate further about this. In dialogue with the heads of the training programme committees we will closely involve the students, who are active in these committees. We are also thinking about alternative formulas for the Graduation festival. 

Let us hear from you

The corona crisis and its implications have an impact on all of us. We would like to stress that you can always contact your study and learning track counsellors and STUVO. You can contact them online. If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask them via  e-mail: Don't hesitate to do this.

Internships and arts in practice

All internships and arts in practice in Belgium will be suspended with immediate effect unless this can be done entirely by teleworking and all physical contact can be avoided. May we ask you to communicate this to your internship and to inform your internship supervisor / arts in practice co-ordinator of this communication.

Students abroad

No one can leave the country for school-related activities, neither students nor teachers. Students currently residing abroad will be followed up by our international office (contact person:

Planned study trips abroad (both in group and individually) must be cancelled. If you have bought tickets yourself (train, bus, plane, accommodation), cancel them or rebook them to a later date. In all cases, keep a good record of tickets, communication with the travel company and other documents. We will be able to inform you later about any financial intervention for students.

Ongoing internships abroad will continue as long as the placements and the interns themselves agree and the local corona guidelines allow it. Students should inform their internship coordinator / arts in practice coordinator if the internship decides to stop. Trainees abroad can contact the responsible student mobility department (Els Moens - and their internship coordinator / arts in practice coordinator if they have any questions.
Ongoing study stays abroad will continue if local corona guidelines allow it. Students abroad can contact the responsible student mobility department (Els Moens - if they have any questions.


Libraries are closed until April 19. All loans are extended to one week after the reopening of the libraries. 
Contact: &

Student restaurants

All student restaurants are closed until April 19.