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09.05—12.05.16    The Big Loser Show – Dramaproject by Freek De Craecker Campus Bijloke – Drama Studio 4 drama

The Big Loser Show is about not knowing how to deal with the responsibility of individualism and not knowing how to karaoke in style.

Performance completly in English, ein bisschen Deutsch, un petit peu de Francais en misschien een paar woorden Nederlands. If you would like to have a translation before you come, please let it know and you will receive a Google Translate version of the text.

Text and Performances: Freek De Craecker | Costumes: Elise Goedgezelschap | Guidance: Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens | Special thanks to: Rosie Sommers, Aron Wouters, Tim Taveirne, Leo Verlinden, Bjorn Elliot, Nina Simone, Benny Claessens, Tom Goossens, Vanessa Chinitor, Naomi van der Horst, Google Translate, Valerie Galle, Mieja Hollevoet, Lozano Lafertin, Spotify, Louise Bergez, Fabrice Delecluse, Anna Carlier, Beethoven, Mia Van Herreweghe, Mourad Baaiz, Divan David, Michael Angelo, Louis Janssens, Nathan Ooms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Simon Baetens, Alessandro Baricco, Condittioner, Finn Janning, Eleanor Bauer, Niek Doyen, Coca Cola, Simon Hugé and Oprah Winfrey, e.a.

The performance will be held on:

RESERVATIONS are possible up until 4 hours before the start of the performance by clicking on the date of your choice.

  • Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Ghent, €5 / €3 (reduction) / free (students, lecturers and alumni KASK DRAMA, jury)
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