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19.12.17—20:00    Studium Generale: Melih Gençboyaci MIRY Concertzaal lecture

5200 words—‘To do’ a language as a collective ritual

Melih Gençboyaci was born in Germany and raised in Turkey. He is a writer, playwright and performer. He recently starred in Luk Perceval's 'Snow', a coproduction with NTGent, TheaterRotterdam and Zina. In april 2016 he started his own project called 5200 words. For this he collaborated with linguist and ergotherapist Nadine Blankvoort.
5200 words was written by Gençboyaci as a text in his very own Turkish-German-Dutchish language, transcripted by the digi-recorder of his computer, which doesn't understand him. This leads to not a few misunderstandings. Gençboyaci wil perform this text on stage and tell about his recent experiences with refugees about language acquisition. ‘To do’ a language as a collective ritual, as he calls it.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, €8/0