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30.03.17—20:00    Stil(l) - Master project of Tim Taveirne and Loes Swaenepoel Theater Zuidpool drama

the voice
of a woman
on the radio
she says
slap in the face

we are tired
we beat the sand
from our shoes

Stil(l) is a song for two voices about what's past. In their search for common ground two people say goodbye to the objects surrounding them. They ask questions, name, redefine. Between end and begin stretches the unknown.

Featuring: Loes Swaenepoel and Tim Taveirne | Text: Tim Taveirne | Coaching: Abke Haring, Bauke Lievens en Jan Steen | Costume: Cisse Royens | Scenography: Mathias Prenen | Technical assistance: Ole Ceenaeme | Production: KASK DRAMA | Thanks: CAMPO Kunstencentrum en Theater Zuidpool & NTGent | Special thanks: Fabrice Delecluse, Mieja Hollevoet, Frederik Le Roy, Niels Putman, Leo Verlinden & Katrien Vuylsteke Vanfleteren

  • KASK DRAMA in co-operation with CAMPO Kunstencentrum, Theater Zuidpool & NTGent
  • Lange Noordstraat 11, 2000 Antwerpen, €7,5