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12.11—15.11.19    Presentation PWO-project ‘Relational Design Zwarte zaal

Create a bond with your furniture. Relational design is about 'activating design processes for lifelong use'. It's about how we shape our material world and what relationship we as a person have with each of the objects that are part of our surrounding material environment. New purchases of products or facilities are very often "written off" after a few years. Important things in our lives are rather "written down". We do this because we have a special bond or meaningful relationship. Children are not 'written off'. The experiences with them are rather 'written down'. Under the leadership of Dirk van Gogh, Marina Yee, Christophe Sonck, Helena Dietrich and Maria Boto Ordonez each worked on a concrete case study for the PWO project on relational design, each from their own field of expertise, on the design of seating furniture. Central to this is the fact that designing the interaction creates an alternative to the purely functional design of the end result. By factors such as longer lifespans, product-service combinations and aspects of thinking and feeling, a new potential of sources of inspiration for sofa and/or seating furniture conceptions. During the exhibition you can participate in an intense four-day workshop with Helena Dietrich on the influence of movement on design. For more information, please contact project coordinator Dirk van Gogh at

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, Free