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25.10—16.02.20    Off the Grid: Belgian graphic design from the 60s and 70s Design Museum Gent

In Off the Grid graphic designer Sara De Bondt explores the principles of graphic design in Belgium in the 1960s and 1970s, a history that has received little attention to date. The exhibition presents a wide range of printed matter, logo objects, book objects and posters - many of which have never been exhibited before - by designers such as Paul Ibou, Corneille Hannoset, Boudewijn Delaere, Sofie Alouf, Rob Buytaert, Herman Lampaert and Jeanine Behaeghel.

Sara De Bondt responds from her own practice and investigates how we can better understand contemporary aspects of graphic design, such as hybridity and authorship, from a historical perspective. Several new works were produced especially for the exhibition in an exhibition architecture designed in collaboration with the British designer and furniture designer Michael Marriott.

  • Design Museum Gent
  • Jan Breydelstraat 5,