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30.10—31.10.19    Mount Tackle (Revisited) - Radical_hope / Heike Langsdorf & many others Vooruit

"'Mount Tackle' is an invitation for an audience to think about our environment, events and the people around us."

A landscape in which you will spend at least one hour and a maximum of two hours. A patchwork of small performances. An enormous mountain of things that you can touch or leave alone. This is 'Mount Tackle (Revisited)', a performance for the black box by dancer and performance artist Heike Langsdorf. As a spectator you take the time to walk around and change your perspective - sometimes in the dark, which makes us vulnerable and fragile.

Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you want. Walk around and explore the space. As you wander around in Mount Tackle (Revisited), you'll discover other ways of looking at the world around you. In the safe environment of the theatre we search together for the answer to the question: what knowledge and experiences do we need to deal with this complex world?

You move through the world around you. Enjoy and take care...

"Mount Tackle' needs many different and at the same time present viewing cultures to really come to life: young, old, whether or not interested in theatre, raised here or elsewhere. - Heike Langsdorf in an interview with Kaaitheater, where 'Mount Tackle' premiered.

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  • radical_hope i.s.m. Vooruit
  • Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent, €8 / €10