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24.03.20—20:00    MIRY Vocaal: Trio Mediæval MIRY Concertzaal concert

As the north wind blows south, so too the Scandinavian Trio Mediæval, for two decades. Initially world-renowned for their interpretation of medieval polyphony, they quickly engaged with contemporary music, as their visit to MIRY reveals. Norwegian traditionals such as Fryd dig du Kristi brud stand beside Gregorian antiphons and young sound filigrees by Englishman Andrew Smith. Ama is the imperative form of van amare, Latin for love, and the title of Anders Jormin’s crystal-clear music for a poem by Virgil, ending our evening in Rome.

  • Anoniem - Salve regina, Gregoriaanse zang / Salve mater misericordie (13e eeuw) / Ave rex angelorum (lofzang, 15e eeuw) / Ecce quod natura (lofzang, 15e eeuw) / Alleluia a newe werk (lofzang 15e eeuw) / Benedicta es caelorum regina (14e eeuw) / Fammi cantar (Lauda) (12e eeuw) (arr. A.M. Friman & L.A. Fuglseth) / Benedicti e llaudati (lauda) (arr.. A.M. Friman & L.A. Fuglseth)
  • Trad. Noorwegen. (arr A.M. Friman / L.A. Fuglseth) - Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro / Fryd dig du Kristi brud
  • Andrew Smith (1971) – Iosef fili David / Ave Regina Caelorum / Ave Maris Stella
  • William Brooks (1943) – Vale dulcis amice
  • Anders Jormin ( 1957) – Ama
  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, € 20 / € 15 (red.) / €5 (-26) / € 0