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17.05.18—20:00    KASKlezing: Replay - the poster as artwork Campus Bijloke - Cirque lecture

For the exhibition 'REPLAY' in Convent, artist Nikolaas Demoen invites 14 graphic designers to design a "postfacto" poster with images of his exhibitions, book presentations, residences that have taken place over the past 7 years in S.MA.K, Mu.ZEE, Pilotage 12, Emergent, Network Aalst, Be-Part... Michaël Bussaer, Simon Casier/Petra Fiews, Katrien Daemers/ Jessika L'Ecluse, Lisa De Brouwere, Luc Derycke, Thomas Desmet, Jan Hespeel/Randoald Sabbe, Inge Ketelers, Joris Kritis, Julie Peeters, Pauline Scharmann, Stien Stessens, Ruud Rutten/ Jeroen Wille, Roger Willems, all made a poster for the exhibition.

To mark the occasion of this exhibition, Convent organises a panel discussion in collaboration with KASKlezingen with a number of graphic designers and visual artists: 'the poster as a work of art'.

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 GENT, Gratis