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22.03.18—20:00    KASKlecture: Bas van Beek Campus Bijloke - Cirque lecture

Like a kind of Naomi Klein of design Bas van Beek (1974, Nijmegen) agitates against the present Dutch designscene. At exhibitions, in magazines appear always the same “big names”. The same “brands” that ask big prices for small designs. Smart marketingmechanisms push up the sales and disguish contentual poverty. With his Ripp off-vases Van Beek criticizes this practice. He copied a number of designvases by buying the originals and casting them . Also he bought vases at a fair which he casted as well. The “covers” cost 95 euros a piece so that – typically Dutch – a leveling effect appears: the designvases became cheaper, the vases from the fair more expensive . Van Beek emphasizes the imitation by carrying them out in black and white and the standard printer colors ( cyanide blue, magenta red and yellow). On top of that he finishes them roughly.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, Free