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20.04—22.04.17    IN KOOR! CAMPO nieuwpoort drama

A collaboration between sound artist Myriam Van Imschoot, actor Willem de Wolf of Cie. De Koe, untrained singers - KASK Ghent theatre students and thirteen amateurs.

Point of departure is a choir rehearsal, that is to say, the never ending quest for harmony. The false notes, repeats and misunderstandings provide a wealth of material to play with. After all, people are most vulnerable and touching when they are (still) unable to do what they would like to be able to do.

IN KOOR! does not merely pay tribute to false starts, wrong notes and untrained vocal chords, it also deals with practice, improvement, hope, (dis)harmony and how the individuals behave in a group of people. Do not expect a perfect cantata or vocal virtuosity, but look for the beauty in what is still imperfect.

  • 20.04.17 - 22.04.17 at 20:30 in CAMPO nieuwpoort
  • 26.04.17 at 20:00 CC Brugge
  • 21.05.17 at 17:00 Operadagen Rotterdam
  • KASK DRAMA in co-operation with CAMPO & Cie. De Koe
  • Nieuwpoort 31-35, 9000 Gent, €13/€10/€7