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23.05—25.05.16    DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY — Master’s project of Sebastiaan Eggermont LOD studio drama

An intimate portrait of two bodies looking for a connection.
Sebastiaan Eggermont and Charlotte Vanden Eynde want to connect with each other in DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY. This quest for a connection puts pressure on their authenticity. In an attempt to come together, they go beyond the borders of their own identity.

DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY is the graduate project of Sebastiaan Eggermont (master drama, KASK). Sebastiaan is both a visual artist as a theatre maker. In his ‘sculptural dance performances’, he tries to connect these two disciplines. Is it possible to sculpt with a body? Can a sculpture perform?  DI-VI-SI-BI-LI-TY is a new step in the development of a visual language of dance.

With: Sebastiaan Eggermont & Charlotte Vanden Eynde | Costume design: Veronique Hendriks | Mentors: Benjamin Vandewalle, Nicole Holvoet & Sebastien Hendrickx | Special thanks to: Bauke Lievens, Jan Martens, Leo Verlinden, Marc Vanrunxt, Timme Afschrift, e.a.

  • Baudelokaai 3, 9000 Ghent, €5 (standard) / €3 (reduction) / free