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19.11.20—20:00    Design Dialogues: Design x Colour ONLINE lecture

What is the influence of colour on design, and vice versa? What can colour tell? And what does the future of colour and the use of colour look like? This lecture, organised in the frame of Kleureyck, the exhibition in Design Museum Gent on colour in contemporary design, digs deeper into these questions. Starting from their own research and practice, Atelier NL and María Boto Ordóñez will provide insight into what colour means to them.

Design Dialogues is a new curated lecture series in which the Design Department of KASK & Conservatorium and Design Museum Gent join forces. Cutting-edge thinkers, dreamers, doers and makers from the broad field of design are invited to reflect on the role, impact and future of design in a changing society. Each dialogue will be a critical questioning with a challenging theme complemented by an open discussion between the speakers and the audience. Our mission? To provide engaging and groundbreaking perspectives that prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow.


Atelier NL (NL)
Our earth contains many colours. Atelier NL teaches us that with the right techniques we can transform the ground under our feet into usable paints. For their project 'Colours of Van Gogh Village - Earth Paint, Nuenen' the duo created paint of rough clay and sand which they dug in Nuenen - the village where Vincent van Gogh lived and worked for a while. This resulted in an area-specific palette of 270 colours. It is a prime example of the 'global thinking, local digging'-philosophy of Atelier NL. With their research-related projects they want to make the richness of the earth and the value of local raw materials tangible with the aim of improving our approach to the environment as a whole.

María Boto Ordóñez (BE)
María Boto Ordóñez is a scientist and researcher at KASK & Conservatorium. Together with Heleen Sintobin she is the driving force behind 'The Color Biolab', an experimental transdisciplinary research laboratory for biotechnology and art/design at KASK. The lab investigates new ecological methods to generate pigments. Microalgae purify water, after which the biomass is used to make 'living inks', which fade after a certain period of time. What can the function of a time-related colour palette mean in the field of design and art? How can an art school make its own colour by purifying colour waste water?


Siegrid Demyttenaere (BE)

Siegrid Demyttenaere is co-founder, creative director and co-editor of DAMN°magazine. She also teaches at KASK & Conservatorium and is an independent curator. For Design Museum Gent she curated Kleureyck. Van Eyck's Colours in Design, an exhibition about innovative and diverse use of colours in contemporary design based on the colour palette of Jan van Eyck. On the occasion of her exhibition, DAMN°magazine also devoted a special issue to the theme of colour entitled ‘On the Power of Colour’.